Genuine Car Parts in Sevenoaks from Lenco Motor Spares
Component Functionality

If you are a member of the trade, a fleet operator or one of the many private motorists in the Sevenoaks area looking for genuine car parts, Lenco Motor Spares is here to help. We stock a full range of manufacturer car parts for all marques, makes and models. For those looking to repair a car or LCV on a budget, we can also supply aftermarket car parts. These are especially suitable for vehicles near the end of their serviceable lives.

Whichever car parts you choose, Lenco Motor Spares can offer you practical advice on the best options for every brand. We stock mechanical car parts and auto electrical components. These include:

Here, we look at the functionality of popular parts.


Available as genuine and aftermarket car parts, alternators fall into the auto electrical category. An engine can only produce mechanical energy. The alternator works in conjunction with the battery and a voltage regulator to convert mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy with an AC current.

Customers from Sevenoaks with newer vehicles should opt for manufacturer car parts to protect any ongoing warranties.

Starter Motors

Lenco Motor Spares stocks starter motors as genuine car parts or as aftermarket products. After ignition, a car will run indefinitely while receiving air, fuel and a spark. It needs a significant amount of torque to turn over a car engine in a short period of time. A starter motor fulfils this role by sending power to the ignition system and firing up the plugs.

Ignition also activates a magnetic switch, called a solenoid, which sends a rush of power from the battery to the starter.

Clutch Parts

If you need to repair a transmission issue, make the journey to Royal Tunbridge Wells from Sevenoaks to order manufacturer car parts or aftermarket spares. The clutch system transfers rotational power from the engine to the wheels on manual models, connecting the rotating shafts. The clutch can also disengage the wheels so that you can change between gears.

Lenco Motor Spares sells transmission components individually or as part of a kit. Call or visit us to find out more.

Brake Parts

The braking system of your car brings it safely to a halt. We stock a full range of manufacturer and aftermarket car parts to include pads, discs, shoes and calipers. Genuine car parts might seem like a better investment but, in our experience, we have found the aftermarket components can perform just as well and usually match manufacturer car parts for longevity.

This explains why so many independent garages in Sevenoaks come to Lenco Motor Spares with their aftermarket needs.

For manufacturer and aftermarket car parts, visit us instore or call us on 01892 546811. We deliver to trade customers in Sevenoaks and have premises in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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